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Sunday, January 25, 2009

My newest family member...Michie

how am I so lucky??

Never come between a boy and his motorcycle.

Carsyn can fix anything with his tools!

Another Carsyn story

So we went to Salt Lake to goof around and I didn't feel good on the drive home so I drove Shauns truck. Well I guess when nobody was paying attention, Carsyn learned to drive. So as I am coming to the point of the mountain Carsyn starts yelling at Shaun..."Dad, turn this truck around, I wanna go home!" Well then he noticed I was driving so he proceeds to tell me to stop the truck and turn around, he wants to go home. So we tried to explain to him that we were on our way home that we didn't need to turn around. He is such a riot, I love his crazyness and I thought I would share that tid bit from my daily crazy!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My crazy carsy

I just have a cute story...
Last Monday Shaun and I loaded the kids up to take them to the movie. Movies 8 has .50 movie mondays so we decided to go see something. We were on our way when we got about 2 blocks from home Carsyn started to freak out yelling "stop the car mom, hurry, stop the car." Well it was in the middle of the REALLY bad snow storm so I couldn't. Well come to find out he was freaking out because he couldn't find his headphones for the t.v. and wanted me to stop get out, find them all so he could hear the same movie that he has seen forty times. I just thought it was funny and thought I would share that.